• Virtual Event I 25-27 April 2023

    Implementing transparency in textile & apparel value chain

    The industry is seeing increased interest from consumers about how products are made, yet it’s questionable how much brands and manufacturers know. In order for the industry to become more sustainable, one of the most important things that need to happen is transparency and traceability. The textile & apparel industry is currently being scrutinised for its eco-friendly nature or lack thereof. This virtual conference will focus on the latest track and trace technologies, challenges, and opportunities in implementing traceability within the textile & apparel sector.


    Innovate: Traceability will assess how traceability delivers business value. Topics addressed will be:

    • Traceability: the next supply chain revolution
    • Regulations: processes and inputs that need tracing -Available technologies for traceability
    • How to go from pilot to full-scale traceable projects
    • Traceability of a business case
    • Can circular value chains be created?
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